What is a Memory Café?

A Memory Cafe is a wonderfully welcoming place for individuals with dementia, mild cognitive impairment or other brain disorders. Individual Memory Cafes are all different and tend to focus on different aspects for a unique experience. Some may be very activities-based, with arts and craft or music and movement while others may be more of a social gathering. The Barnstaple & South Molton Memory Cafes have an arts table and activities like games and jigsaws as well as lots of laughter, chat and friendship.

Who is it for?

While a Memory Cafe is beneficial to those with memory problems and dementia, it is also beneficial for their caregivers as well. It is not a place to “drop off” your loved one for a while, but a way to enjoy actives with them as a break from the normal routine.
Memory Cafes are safe and comfortable spaces where caregivers and their loved ones can socialise, play games, and enjoy other appropriate activities. They provide mutual support, information and help in assessing advice and assistance. Café members enjoy the company of those with similar things in common and find the exchange of tips and ideas really helpful.

How much does it cost?

The Barnstaple & South Molton Memory Cafes are free to all users. We sometimes have outside trips which may include a small contribution towards coach hire.

Who runs the Barnstaple & South Molton Memory Cafes?

The Cafes are a self-funding project under Torridge, North, Mid & West Devon Citizens Advice (Charity registration number: 1068496). They are run by a Coordinator who is responsible for raising all of the funds, recruiting and supporting the volunteers, running the Cafes and representing and promoting them to other agencies and the general public.